Cheryl S. Medway, MA

I have been seeing my primary care physician and gynecologist for approximately 14 years (moved from the South to New England in 1997). I presented the same symptoms at each visit — migraines, hair loss (head, eyebrows), mild depression, loss of libido and unfortunately, weight gain. The typical migraine medications and anti-depressants were prescribed and 2 years ago, testosterone. Needless to say none remedied my symptoms and I just did not feel like myself.

I began reading books, in particular those of Suzanne Somers. She often spoke about many of the symptoms I experienced and their relation to hormones and supplements. About a year and a half ago, I started researching on the internet and came across Optimal Wellness MD. At the time, the closest physician was located in Connecticut (a great distance for me to travel). Getting no real relief from my symptoms, late last summer I again searched the internet and found Dr. Kaye! My first consultation was in September 2010. After following Dr. Kaye’s individualized program, my migraines have decreased and I am slowly but surely losing weight and beginning to feel like myself again! I believe I look better and I feel somewhat better emotionally and physically. I’m so appreciative of Dr. Kaye because he actually listens and applies his knowledge to resolve the real issues I have brought to him. I am confident that continuing to follow Dr. Kaye’s program will allow me to get to where I want to be in my life.

Cheryl S.
Medway, MA

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