Dr. Robert D. Plum Island, MA

My response to Dr. Kaye’s treatment measures has lead to both emotional and physical well-being. After recovering from a stroke a number of years ago I was left with multiple residuals, one of which was significant chronic pain. After years of suffering, I associated ongoing depression, diminished libido and low energy as a response to my chronic pain. Clinical trials of medication were utilized for over a decade with little response. With my overall health deteriorating blood work finally revealed low testosterone which Dr. Kaye indicated was probably a result of long term use of one of my medications. The testosterone pellets once implanted significantly enhanced my quality of life. A return of libido with more energy and a new found zest for life are all attributed to Dr. Kaye’s expertise with hormonal replacement and holistic treatment measures. As a past treating physician I can fully appreciate and attest to the dedication and overall quality of care that Dr. Kaye offers his patients to enhance their quality of life. I would further recommend that every man approaching thirty years of age and older monitor their testosterone level.

Dr. Robert D.
Plum Island, MA

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