Janet H. Portsmouth, NH

When I first met Dr. Kaye I was in a very bad state, “Adrenal Fatigue” I was depressed, angry, no patience, crying all the time, overweight, no energy, I was miserable, I wanted to die! I had no estrogen, not to mention all my other hormone levels were way off, and my body was toxic due to my diet.

Dr. Kaye went over all my blood work and hormone levels with me. It was so interesting, I wanted to stay all day. He suggested some great books for me to read, (which I did), so that I understood everything that was going on with my body. He also put me on a program combined with bio identical hormones and vitamins.

I returned to Dr Kaye’s office 4 months later. I think Dr. Kaye was just as surprised as I was, with how well I did with the program he put me on, and me changing my diet/eating habits. My hormone levels were exactly where they were supposed to be. I returned to my normal weight, lost my belly, and had gained 2 pounds of muscle, and I lost 3 pounds of body fat.

Today, I am a very happy woman!

Thank you so much Dr. Kaye, you saved my life!

Janet H.
Portsmouth, NH

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