Lee G Marlboro, MA

I am a 62 year old male and for years, I have attempted to work with several primary care physicians to delay and/or prevent the onset of any degenerative diseases associated with aging. However, as time passed, I could see and feel the telltale signs of aging slowly affecting my mind and body (lower libido and decreased sex drive, loss of muscle mass and increased body fat, joint pains, higher LDL cholesterol, trouble sleeping, and all leading to lower self-esteem and mild depression). The conventional medical doctors I dealt with were not concerned with addressing preventative care measures because they regarded me in relatively good health and simply experiencing the ‘normal signs of aging’. So I set my goals to be extremely proactive in my pursuit of a longer, healthier and happier life. My efforts led me to discover Optimal Wellness MD where I was introduced to Doctor Kaye.

It is now one year since my initial consultation with Doctor Kaye. Over that period, he has prescribed various testing to establish my base for hormones, cholesterol, PSA, thyroid, heavy metal toxins, and more. The results indicated I was out of range in several of these areas. We developed a course of action as a team covering hormonal balancing, supplementation, exercise, diet and detoxification. He monitored my progress in quarterly intervals and recommended periodic testing to determine my status. The doctor was very helpful in regularly communicating and collaborating on any new supplements or adjustments to my action plan.

Today, I am proud to say I am in the best condition of my life and getting better everyday. My hormones are balanced and my libido can attest to it. My cholesterol is no longer a concern, the toxic heavy metals have been lowered to very safe levels, and my joints are moving freely and without pain. Combining all these internal changes with my normal exercise program and diet regimen, I now have the physical appearance I always dreamed of – lean muscle mass with very little body fat. The end result is a much happier and healthier mental state. This is the way the medical profession needs to operate. Doctor Kaye, I will never be able to thank you enough for this life altering experience.

Lee G
Marlboro, MA

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