Maureen M. Bedford, NH

It was good to see you Wednesday night and I’m happy that my good friend Beverly Jo is going to get started too. Each day is feeling a bit lighter for me. I think the antidepressants are finally or nearly out of my system. I do still have some ringing in my ears though and have fingers crossed that the whining will fade away.

I have not had even a mouthful of dairy, flours, sugar, soda or anything from a box. Just lean meats, veggies and fruits with great variety of all three. I still am holding onto my two cups of caffeine coffee in the morning. I felt it was a fair trade off for going cold turkey with the rest of my diet.

Gosh it’s wonderful to feel like I’m on the right track to feeling my best! Thanks for pursuing this specialty. It’s got to make you feel great too!

Maureen M.
Bedford, NH

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