Maureen M New Hampsire

Turning 60, one year ago, found me super stressed, overweight, depressed, taking way too many prescription medications and angry at the world! The best birthday present to myself was finding Dr. Kaye. He is not your typical, mainstream, cookie cutter doctor who is trained to mostly treat disease with pharmaceuticals. Dr. Kaye is dedicated to tenaciously getting to the bottom of your problems, offering solid solutions and fine tuning a treatment plan that is completely tailored to your body’s unique chemistry and your lifestyle. One year later, I have lost 27 pounds, lost 124 points on my total cholesterol number, lost my anti-depressants, and lost my dismal outlook for the future. What I have gained is priceless: fantastically good health, hope for happy retirement years, and a renewed love for my life. Make the call to Dr. Kaye and get started on your path to better health and well being!

Maureen M
New Hampsire

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