Sharon M. Smithfield, RI

I have been reading about bioidentical hormones for a few years and could not find anyone in my area (R.I) that knew what I was talking about. Finally searching on the internet, calling compounding pharmacies, and reading more books- I finally found Optimal Wellness MD. There I found Dr. Kaye. I could not believe there was someone who knew what I was talking about and what I needed.

From weight gain, food sensitivities, menopause symptoms (hot flashes, sleeping problems, brain fog, fatigue, hair loss, etc) and just feeling old-Dr. Kaye helped me.

From the first time I met Dr. Kaye, I knew I was in the right place. Not only, did he take the time to explain everything and exactly what was going on with my body, but just how toxic our lives are.

In the past five months that I have seen Dr. Kaye, I have energy, less aches and pains, weight loss, hair growth, better sleep- I feel like a new person. With his knowledge of diet, exercise, supplements, and hormonal balancing, Dr Kaye has changed my life.

I still have more to do, but I know I am on the right road with Dr. Kaye by my side. I may just live to 100!!

Sharon M.
Smithfield, RI

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