Shelley T. Fairhaven, MA

I had been suffering for several years with terrible side effects from being on synthetic birth control pills for most of my adult life. My headaches, nausea, dry skin, extremely heavy periods, weight gain, hair loss, depression, intense mood swings, and constipation. You name it I had a negative side effect. I had gone to several traditional gynecologists and was not satisfied with the level of detail that they took when handling my health and well being. Once I found Dr. Kaye my life changed! All of the bioidentical hormones that he placed me on helped with my symptoms. He also found that I had a slight thyroid issue which no other doctor had detected before! His approach to care is very thorough and he left no stone unturned when searching for the answers to my health issues. I feel like a new person with energy and an overall healthy outlook for my future. I suggest that anyone male or female who just doesn’t feel right in their own skin give Dr. Kaye a try. He has helped me physically and emotionally. I just wish I had found him years ago.

Shelley T.
Fairhaven, MA

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