Vilma M. Boston, MA

I wanted nothing more than to have better control of my health. One day I decided to see what I could do to help me make this a reality. After much debate, I decided to search for a new Dr. In doing so, I came across the website of Optimal Wellness and downloaded the information about bio-identical hormones. I was so impressed that I called the office right away. I went to Dr. Kaye’s presentation at the World Trade Center in Woburn Mass. Throughout his presentation I immediately acknowledged that according to my symptoms he was the right Dr. to treat all my health issues. It was a long journey for me looking for a way to secure my health; I began to take control of the situation by attempting treatment with Dr. Kaye. In addition, I was getting treatment previously with another Dr. due to a hormone in-balance, but the treatment was not successful. I have been vegan all my life. I consider myself as a very healthy person. I do exercise every two days and eat very healthy. I’m very conscious of listening to my symptoms such as waking up to pain in my ovaries in the middle of the night etc. Another reason I had two operations in my ovaries due to an endometriosis diseases and hormone in-balance. Unfortunately my sister died with breast cancer when she was 39 years old. Since my sister died I did a research how patients develop cancer, and hormones imbalance was one of the issues discussed. It was devastating for me, but at the same time was an awakening call. After much effort, I decided to make it as easy as possible for my health and Dr. Kaye really made a difference in my life. My hormones are in balance I do have more energy. I do not suffer from any endometriosis anymore. In conclusion Dr. Kaye”s Bio-identical hormone treatment has been a great solution for my symptoms. Dr. Kaye your treatment is great and has changed my life.

Vilma M.
Boston, MA

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