Virginia K. Norwell, mA

About 7 years ago I read an eye opening book called, “The Sexy years” by Suzanne Somers about Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and menopause. I had not yet gone through menopause but I knew it was inevitable and I wanted to be armed and ready for “the change.” After reading the book about Bio identical hormones I said, “I want that!” ………5 years later……. I had my first signs of hormonal imbalance. I had sugar cravings, cold hands and feet, night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, mild depression, feelings of being overwhelmed, low libido, and MOST of all waking up ALL night long. I actually got more sleep when I had 3 crying babies under 3 years old. My sleeping was a disaster. (I had always been an excellent sound sleeper.) That was it! I knew it was time to get help, natural help. I started working with Dr. Kaye last March 2010. Dr. Kaye, unlike other physicians, took his time to thoroughly and properly diagnose my condition. I never felt rushed and always felt as if all the focus was on me. I am thrilled to report that it has been 11 months and I have reached optimal health with Dr. Kaye! I am sleeping soundly and deeply. I am balanced, happy, calm, thin and muscular at 48 years old. Every single symptom of menopause has virtually disappeared thanks to Dr. Kaye and his expertise on hormones. I actually feel better now than when I was in my thirties. I tell my husband all the time, “Thank goodness for Dr. Kaye, I feel so balanced!” Dr Kaye helps you reach your optimal health through BHRT, supplementation, healthy eating, exercise and lots of good advice. I feel passionate about this subject and I am so thankful for Dr. Kaye and his wonderful practice! Thank you! Here is to good health!

Virginia K.
Norwell, mA

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