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Functional Clinic in Woburn, MA

Are you ready to take that first step toward achieving Optimal Wellness?

Dr. Kaye uses the techniques of Functional and Integrative Medicine with a focus on weight loss, bioidentical hormone replacement, sports nutrition, mood and neurological disorders, reversal of chronic disease, anti-aging medicine, preconception medicine, and detoxification. Dr. Kaye dedicates his practice to guiding his patients through the process of healthy aging and helping them to alleviate or reverse chronic illness. You are just one telephone or email away from beginning this process and creating a healthier and more vibrant you. Please explore our website and contact us to schedule your evaluation.

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Dr. Joseph Kaye, MD

Dr. Joseph Kaye, MD

Dr. Kaye has devoted his Integrative and Functional Medicine practice to alleviating or reversing chronic disease, anti-aging medicine, nutritional medicine, and detoxification.

He is formally trained as an Internist and Emergency Physician, completing residencies in both specialties. In addition, he has completed training in Integrative Medicine and has completed a post-residency fellowship in Anti-aging and Functional Medicine.

He has treated over 15,000 patients during his career thus far.

Dr. Kaye's goal and focus is on the prevention and reversal of chronic disease and the manifestations of premature and unhealthy ageing. By using the techniques of Functional Medicine he can often achieve dramatic improvements in a patient's health.

Please review some of the patient testimonials for some idea of what can be achieved on real patients using these methods.

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Optimal Wellness MD - Joseph Edward Kaye, MD

300 Trade Center, Suite 4400, Woburn, MA 01801
Phone: (781) 933-4200 · Fax: (781) 933-1553
Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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"When I first met Dr. Kaye I was in a very bad state, "Adrenal Fatigue" I was depressed, angry, no patience, crying all the time, overweight, no energy, I was miserable, I wanted to die!"
Janet H.
Portsmouth, NH
"Turning 60, one year ago, found me super stressed, overweight, depressed, taking way too many prescription medications and angry at the world!"
Maureen M
New Hampsire
"As a 70 year old male I have numerous serious maladies including the aftermath of multiple cancers, elevated sugar levels, general fatigue, and of course, the accompanying low testosterone level."
Vincent M.
Boston, MA
"I first read about Dr. Kaye while researching my own ailments. I had been sick for a number of years and was unsuccessful in finding a diagnosis through countless doctor visits, lab tests and unexpected ER visits."
Tracy J.
North Reading, MA
"I consulted Dr. Kaye recently and was impressed with his evidence based approach in diagnosis and treatment. The tests he recommended were comprehensive which included parameters not covered by my previous annual medicals."
Ajay S.
Wilmington, MA
"I had been suffering for several years with terrible side effects from being on synthetic birth control pills for most of my adult life."
Shelley T.
Fairhaven, MA
"Thank you Dr. Kaye, I am looking forward to mature this process to healthy living. I appreciate your time and efforts as well. I am excited to get your custom vitamin formulation to meet my requirements."
Bob F.
Dayton, OH
"Cheers and thank you again. (This is such a more comprehensive approach to health care than anything I've experienced previously.)"
Gary C.
Swampscott, MA
"Feel absolutely amazing and in the shape of my life - you are a god among men!"
Kimberly W.
Boston, MA
"It was good to see you Wednesday night and I'm happy that my good friend Beverly Jo is going to get started too. Each day is feeling a bit lighter for me."
Maureen M.
Bedford, NH
"I have been seeing my primary care physician and gynecologist for approximately 14 years (moved from the South to New England in 1997)."
Cheryl S.
Medway, MA
"Initially, when I came to see Dr. Kaye, I had already been on BHT for several years yet, I was still suffering from a host of ailments."
Eleanor W
Peavody, MA
"I wanted nothing more than to have better control of my health. One day I decided to see what I could do to help me make this a reality."
Vilma M.
Boston, MA
"I am a 62 year old male and for years, I have attempted to work with several primary care physicians to delay and/or prevent the onset of any degenerative diseases associated with aging."
Lee G
Marlboro, MA
"I have been reading about bioidentical hormones for a few years and could not find anyone in my area (R.I) that knew what I was talking about."
Sharon M.
Smithfield, RI
"About 7 years ago I read an eye opening book called, "The Sexy years" by Suzanne Somers about Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and menopause."
Virginia K.
Norwell, mA
"The first time I met with Dr. Kaye, I did not have any energy. I could barely get through the day and this had been going on for a good 20 years. I have been to numerous physicians as well as worked for a number of physicians and not one of them could figure out what to do with me."
Michele M.
Salem, MA
"I have been a patient of Dr. Kaye and boy does he know what he is talking about. I have found him to be so responsive to all my crazy questions (menopause can do that to you, you know) and he has been as patient as Job with me."
Rosalind F.
Newfane, VT
"My response to Dr. Kaye's treatment measures has lead to both emotional and physical well-being. After recovering from a stroke a number of years ago I was left with multiple residuals, one of which was significant chronic pain."
Dr. Robert D.
Plum Island, MA