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The Vampire Hair procedure or Scalp PRP is a procedure done by certified physicians to rejuvenate the scalp hair follicles, thus inducing new scalp hair growth. The procedure involves producing Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from a sample of your blood and injecting this PRP serum into the scalp areas that are losing hair using very tiny needles. The PRP attracts stem cells to the skin which work to rebuild old and damaged hair follicles, which then begin to produce healthier and more hair again. Studies show an average doubling of hair density after treatment

Scalp PRP is ideal for men who are in the early stages of losing their hair or in women who have overall thinning hair associated with menopause.

The procedure is virtually painless as we use a skin numbing gel before the procedure and use targeted anesthetic injections to numb the scalp. Maximal results are seen 6-8 weeks after the procedure.

The results are long-lasting; repeat treatments can be done as desired, as often as monthly.

After the procedure, we prescribe a special compounded topical scalp medicine containing 3 powerful medicines to stimulate hair growth and maintain the new hair. We can also prescribe oral medication to prevent further hair loss, if needed.

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