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Vampire Hair +Acell

At Optimal Wellness MD, Dr. Joseph Kaye offers the latest technology in non-surgical hair restoration, which we call the “Vampire Hair” Procedure.  The Vampire Hair Procedure involves injecting concentrated PRP into the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

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However, we have improved this procedure to make it even more effective using Acell, Microneedling, and a special compounded medication to stimulate new hair growth and preserve existing hair.

Our special “Vampire Hair Plus” process:

  1. Prepare the PRP using the Emcyte system, which produces the most powerful concentrated 10x PRP available.
  2. Anesthetize the scalp using numbing gel and targeted anesthetic injections so the procedure is painless.
  3. PRP injection into the scalp, targeted to areas where your hair is thinning
  4. Acell Injection into the Scalp, also targeted to areas of hair loss or thinning
  5. Microneedling of the scalp
  6. We then prescribe a special compounded scalp medication containing Finasteride (Propecia), Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Latanaprost (Latisse) applied as a foam and massaged into the scalp daily. This medicine greatly boosts scalp hair growth without undesirable side effects on the rest of your body.
  7. In addition, some patients may elect to use a laser cap to further enhance hair growth.

Using this multi-step process, we have seen remarkable hair restoration in properly selected patients.

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Who is a good candidate for the Vampire Hair Procedure?

The ideal patient is a man or woman who is the early stages of hair loss and thus has still-living hair follicles that are simply not as active as they should be.  In this stage of hair loss, we can stimulate the follicles to activate and grow hair again.  Once the hair is completely gone and the scalp is shiny and bald, we do not recommend the procedure as it is unlikely to be effective.


What is PRP?

PRP means “Platelet Rich Plasma.”  We draw about 60ml of blood from your vein, just like a regular lab test blood draw.  Our technicians then process the blood to remove all the red blood cells and concentrate the platelets in the blood to a 10x concentration.  We then activate the platelets to secrete hundreds of growth peptides.  We inject the PRP solution into the scalp, which stimulate repair of the scalp hair follicles and thus, triggers new hair growth.

Why Emcyte Pure PRP Is Better

Our PRP is produced using the EmCyte Pure PRP System, producing the most concentrated PRP available, with a 10X concentration.  This is the type of PRP used in sports medicine to treat joint injuries; most aesthetic centers have not invested in this level of technology and use a weaker form of PRP which will not deliver as good a result.  The Emcyte Pure PRP product will therefore deliver a much more powerful growth factor stimulus to grow new hair compared to a weaker PRP product.  If you are considering a scalp PRP treatment, you should check to see what system the practice uses and what the final concentration of platelets is in the injected PRP-The higher the platelet concentration, the better the results.

Patient Testimonial

"Thank you Dr. Kaye, I am looking forward to mature this process to healthy living. I appreciate your time and efforts as well. I am excited to get your custom vitamin formulation to meet my requirements. I will do my part to absorb all this knowledge and determine the best lifestyle for healthy living. Thank you again for your efforts."

- Bob F.
Dayton, OH

PRP combined with Acell Injection and Microneedling

In addition to the standard PRP injection treatment, Dr. Kaye offers Acell Injections and Microneedling to enhance the hair regrowth stimulated by the PRP injections.  This is a revolutionary advance in PRP for hair restoration and the results are significantly improved over the usual PRP injections.

What is Acell?

Acell is a patented medical product produced from the acellular matrix proteins that support the cells and encourage them to grow.  It is a fine white sterilized powder that can be mixed into the PRP we produce.  Hair transplant doctors have used Acell when inserting hair transplant plugs and noticed that more new hairs were sprouting when they used Acell than without it.  Later, doctors discovered that they could get the same growth of hair even without the hair transplant-just by injecting the Acell with PRP.

The benefits of PRP+Acell

A painless, nonsurgical way to preserve and regrow scalp hair, which is significantly effective in most properly selected patients.  No adverse reactions are expected, no down-time from work, no limitations on your lifestyle.  A typical patient will see a doubling of hair coverage after 4 PRP treatments, and some get even more hair growth, particularly if Acell is added.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is the third step in our hair rejuvenation process.  After injecting the PRP and Acell, we treat the scalp with a device that creates thousands of tiny punctures, about 1mm deep in the scalp, stimulating the hair follicles to grow.

How often you need to do the PRP and Acell Treatments

Acell is only needed once per year, while we recommend 4 PRP treatments spaced 1 month apart once yearly for maximal results.

What should I expect after the treatment?

You will notice some mild redness of the scalp for a few days, but it is nothing to be worried about.  The redness is a sign that the process is working and subsides quickly.  You should begin to see new hair growth over the next 8 weeks to 6 months as the hair follicles become healthier and the normal hair growth cycle resumes.  Repeat booster treatments are recommended yearly to maintain and improve on your new hair growth.  We recommend the long-term use of our compounded hair growth medicated foam to stimulate hair growth and preserve your new hair from falling out.

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