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Coronary Artery CT Angiography by Cleerly

Coronary CT Angiography is the gold-standard in testing for coronary artery plaque.

Why should you consider getting a Coronary Artery CT Angiogram?

Because this is the only test that is noninvasive and can definitively show you if you have plaque in your coronary arteries, how much is there, if it is new or old and if it is getting worse or better.  There is no better test to visualize the coronary arteries.

This test is a quick CT Scan of your heart combined with intravenous contrast medicine to create a 3-D very detailed (.5mm resolution) image of your coronary arteries and evaluate the extent of plaque, whether the plaque is clogging the artery, whether it is calcified (stable) or soft (dangerous).  The images are processed by a company called Cleerly, which produces the best images possible for this test using artificial intelligence software that has been trained on thousands of angiograms.  It is far better at reading these scans than any human being.  The test is presently done at the White Plains, NY facility for East River Imaging and in Denver, Colorado.

Sphygmocore Central Arterial Blood Pressure Monitoring System

The Sphygmocore test was developed at Johns Hopkins University and is the most advanced system available to noninvasively measure the elasticity of your arteries, the work output of your heart, the central blood pressure (blood pressure at your heart), and accurately determine the "age" of your arteries.  This test is done in our office.

Coronary Artery Calcification Testing.

This is a quick CT scan of your heart, without Iv contrast, done at many hospitals.  It looks for calcium in your coronary arteries, which is a sign of plaque.  If positive, you need to take some action to slow or reverse coronary artery plaque to avoid a heart attack in the future.  If it is zero, it is reassuring and your odds of a heart attack are much lower.  Since it only detects hard calcified plaque and not newer soft plaque, it is not as good as a CT Angiogram, but it is used as a cheaper screening test.

CardiaX  Genetic Cardiac Testing.

CardiaX is the only genetic screening tool on the market that provides you with your predisposed risks based on advanced genetic markers.  18 separate genetic markers are tested and the report suggests ways you can optimize your vascular health based on the results.  To learn more click here.

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