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"Our promise to you: If you do what we tell you, if you eat the food we provide you, we guarantee you will lose all the fat you want to lose." - Dr. Kaye

Every patient of Dr. Joseph Kaye and his associates receives instruction on healthy dietary practices.  Depending on the patient's goals and preferences, this may be based on a Paleo/Mediterranean Diet, a "Clean Ketogenic" diet, or a more Vegetarian or Vegan diet.  If followed, our weight loss and diet plans will naturally lead to 1 or more pounds of fat loss per week until the body stabilizes its weight at an ideal body composition.

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Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs In Lynnfield, MA

Some patients need to lose 10, 20, even 50 or more pounds of fat to reach their ideal body composition or have health conditions that would benefit from fast fat loss (high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol). For this reason, we have incorporated several accelerated and medically-supervised weight loss programs into our practice.

We use both the HCG diet plan, a low-calorie Paleo "real food" program, a Clean-Ketogenic Diet, and the Ideal Protein Plan. We can refer you to a variety of home food delivery services if you prefer not to cook.

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We can prescribe custom medications that stop food cravings and help you to stick with your diet. By using our approach, a patient can expect to lose up to 7 pounds of fat per week without feeling hungry and without exercise.

These are short-term programs designed to rapidly reverse obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even early stage diabetes.

Of course, after the desired fat loss is achieved, it is essential that the patient adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle in order to keep the fat off. Dr. Kaye and our weight-loss coach will work with you to help you adopt this healthy eating and living program.

We routinely see patients drop their cholesterol into the normal range and get off drugs, eliminate acid reflux and indigestion, throw away their blood pressure pills, reverse type 2 diabetes, and shed massive amounts of fat using our program. Best of all, these metabolic changes happen within 3-4 weeks of starting the program - even before all the weight is lost! Before you consider weight loss surgery or drugs, you owe it to yourself to experience this effective, healthy, and rapid method of fat loss.

We now offer Semaglutide medication for weight loss! Semaglutide (brand name Wegovy) has been approved by the FDA for weight loss since June 2021. It has also been available as a treatment for non-insulin requiring diabetes (called Ozempic) since 2017 at a lower dose.

In 4 separate studies of Semaglutide for weight loss purposes, used for up to 68 weeks by over 1500 patients, the average patient lost up to 12% of their body weight. For a 200-pound person, that is about 25 pounds of fat loss!

The FDA has approved Semaglutide for use in overweight patients with a BMI equal to or over 27. Semaglutide is taken as a once-weekly injection and reduces appetite and makes you feel full, so you don’t want to eat and can stick to a healthy weight loss diet without feeling like you are starving. It also reduces your risk of heart disease and lowers HbA1c levels and improves the function of the pancreas. Unlike some of the other drugs used for weight loss, it does not make you feel jittery. Semaglutide is very expensive when prescribed as the brand name Wegovy; it can cost up to $2000 for a 1-month supply and insurance doesn’t usually cover it.

However, we have made arrangements with our affiliated pharmacies to supply it for much less-as little as $1000.00 for an entire 4-month full course of treatment. Schedule your consultation today to have a thorough weight loss evaluation and finally lose that extra weight!


Body Composition Analysis

Unlike the typical (and not very effective) weight loss programs, we do not base our weight loss assessments on tape measures or scales. Rather, we use the Biospace570, the most advanced body composition measurement system available. This device is used by Olympic athletes and professional sports teams to measure pounds of fat, water, and muscle during training. When you lose weight, it is important you lose FAT, not muscle or water; using this machine we can monitor your progress and ensure that you are only losing fat.

Our weight loss program involves weekly check-ins with our weight-loss coach; we supply you with the high-protein food you need so there is no shopping, cooking, or guesswork needed. The costs are very reasonable-about the same as buying regular food.

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Weight Loss Coaching

Dr. Kaye works with several weight-loss coaches to operate our medical weight loss program. Our coaches are specifically trained in using the Ideal Protein System to help patients rapidly lose up to 7 pounds of fat per week.

They can explain the advantages of our plans compared to competing programs. Our coaches all have supportive and engaging personalities and have a tremendous success rate with our clients. They have backgrounds in nutrition, competitive sports, cross-fit, bodybuilding, cooking, and dieting.

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Specialty Diet instruction is offered at our office for patients with specific medical needs. They include Gluten-Free, Autoimmune Paleo, GAPS Diet, FODMAPS diet, Anti-Yeast Diets, Food Allergy Diets, Sports Nutrition.


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