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Advanced Testing for Serious Diseases

Advanced Testing to Screen for Serious Disease and Assess Health

 Advanced screening tests are tests which can detect very serious diseases but which are not ordered by conventional physicians due to cost and lack of insurance reimbursement.

However, they are extremely useful in detecting early cardiovascular disease and cancer at a stage when it can be reversed or successfully cured.  We feel that these tests are an excellent idea for patients who want to be proactive about their health and thus maximize their longevity and healthspan.

  1. Grail Test.  Blood test done in office to check for cancer DNA.  It can pick up very early stage cancer, when it is curable.  It can detect over 50 different types of cancer. $1000.00
  2. Tru Diagnostic Epigenetic Age Test.  Blood test you can do at home with a finger prick.  It looks at the epigenetic markers on your chromosomes to determine your biological age.  It is very accurate, the best in the business.  If you test less than your chronologic age you are living well, if you test older than your actual age, you may want to make some changes to avoid early illness and death. $400
  3. Calcium Score Test.  This is a quick CT scan of your heart, done at many hospitals but I prefer Lowell General as their report is more useful.  It looks for calcium in your coronary arteries, which is a sign of plaque.  If positive, you need to take some action to slow or reverse coronary artery plaque to avoid a heart attack in the future.  If it is zero, it is reassuring and your odds of a heart attack are much lower. $150.
  4. Cleerly Coronary Artery CT Angiogram (  A CT Scan of your coronary arteries done with intravenous contrast dye to accurately visualize all plaque in your coronary arteries, even soft plaque that can be missed on the Calcium Score above.  Data is analyzed using artificial intelligence programs to get an excellent view of the arteries, better than a human radiologist can do.  They can also analyze previous scans and compare them to see if plaque is getting worse or improving with treatment.  This is the gold standard for coronary artery screening if you want to be certain of your coronary artery condition.  Done in White Plains, NY or New York City.  $1250.
  5. Whole Body MRI (  Scan head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis with MRI.  No radiation.  Check for early stage cancer, other diseases such as atherosclerosis, aneurysms, arthritis, spinal disk problems, prostate enlargement, lung diseases, liver diseases, etc. $2499.00 for whole body, Head and Torso $1799, Torso Only $999.

Boston Location opens in 2023.  Many other locations; see website.

Location Map: 210 Broadway Lynnfield, MA 01940

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