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Ta 65 in Lynnfield, MA

TA-65 Telomerase Activation

Dr. Kaye is the first physician to prescribe TA-65 in New England!

TA-65,, is the revolutionary extract of the Astragalus plant developed by the Geron Pharmaceuticals Corporation to activate the telomerase enzyme. TA-65 is the only product designed to activate the telomerase enzyme that has been awarded a US Patent. The distribution of TA-65 is through the TA-Sciences corporation. Telomerase is the cellular enzyme that regenerates the tips of the chromosomes, known as telomeres. Why is this important? Because telomeres function as the ticking clock in the cell that marks the aging process. With each division of a cell, the telomere shortens; when it reaches a certain length, the cells can no longer divide, the cell dies, and the person ages. By activating this enzyme with TA65, we can regenerate the telomere and, at a cellular level, reverse this component of the aging process.

We are now seeing the result of patients using TA-65 in our clinic by repeat testing of telomere length. We have documented years of biological age-reversal in a 1-2 year period in patients who have been using TA-65 and followed our nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle, and hormone optimization program.

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Telomere shortening has been shown to be associated with a variety of symptoms of aging ranging from heart failure to immune dysfunction. Clinical studies done by the TA Sciences Corporation on the first cohort of patients who received TA-65 have shown NO ADVERSE EFFECTS and benefits include increased vigor and exercise capacity, improved eyesight, reversal of markers of osteoporosis, improved immune system markers, improved sexual function and improved skin quality; in other words, these patients have become clinically younger.

Similar results have been obtained in animal studies at Harvard and other laboratories using telomerase activators. Taking TA-65 is simple as it is a small capsule taken daily. We measure the length of your telomeres before and during the use of TA-65 to ensure that you are responding to the treatment.

Recent studies have confirmed that, in rodents, TA-65 at doses comparable to those prescribed in humans will activate the gene to synthesize telomerase and RNA levels of telomerase have increased up to 10-fold in liver, heart, joint, and skin.

TA-65 Telomerase

This shows that the product actually is absorbed and does what it is designed to do (lengthen short telomeres) at the doses we recommend. My suggested dosing regimen based on chronological age:

  • Age < 40 and in good health and interested in prevention of age-associated disease: 1-2 capsules nightly
  • Age > 40 and in good health, interested in slowing the aging process as much as possible and lengthening short-telomeres: 3-4 capsules nightly
  • Age > 60: 4 capsules nightly
  • Age > 40 and any history of chronic illness: 4-6 capsules nightly

I do recommend that anyone considering the use of TA65 register as my patient and undergo a full age-management evaluation, including measurement of Telomere Length. It is important to measure telomere length before starting a program of TA-65 so that you can determine whether the program is working for you or the dose needs to be adjusted. Please keep in mind that many other substances can also lengthen telomeres and improve your health: Paleolithic diet, fish oil, vitamin D3, lowering homocysteine, optimizing your hormones, antioxidants, meditation and adequate rest, lowering your cortisol/stress, exercise. When you become a patient, we address all these factors. TA-65 is important but it does not work as well alone as it does in combination with a holistic anti-aging program.

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