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Dr kaye has changed my life. I was really suffering with lack of focus and energy, weight gain, Insomnia and so many other things that happen when you go through menopause. After my initial consultation, I felt very comfortable and at ease with his advice and hormone replacement recommendations. I am a wellness coach and have many women (and men) that ask me about the safety of hormone replacement and I am here to say that under the supervision of a knowledgeable physician, you do not have anything to worry about . Dr Kaye is the physician. I have been going to optimal wellness for over 5 years and I never plan on stopping my hormone replacement. I highly recommend.
Lisa Conti
I was dealing with some wrist injuries, intestinal problems, and low energy, and I went to Dr. Kaye for advice. We did some testing (micronutrients blood test, microbiome assay) and came up with some good insights. We did a month of BPC-157 and TB500 peptides, and my wrist injuries healed up really well. From the nutrients and microbiome testing, Dr. Kaye was able to recommend customized supplementation and diet changes to improve my digestion, energy, brain function, etc. It was a great experience that I've never gotten with my normal PCPs, and I think this type of customized, in-depth experience for a person should be the future of medicine.
John W. Gennell
Lindsey is the BEST!! I have lost 25 Ibs since starting and on my way to my goal weight!! I’ve tried everything and for 3 yrs I didn’t lose a pound. The team at Optimal Wellness MD are amazing and have put me on the pass of success! Thank you!
Minerva Elsayed
Dr Kaye is extremely knowledgeable! Great office, great staff!!
Lori L'Ecuyer
Marcus Dozier
Dr Kaye was wonderful. He fully explained everything and I finally feel as though Im getting results I need!
Mindy Gargett
Elizabeth LeBlanc
I have been a patient of Dr. Kaye’s for a year now. Finding his practice has been life changing. He has been able to help me with my hormone issues, I am loving the pellet treatment! I recently started meeting w Lindsey as well for a weight loss program. Both Dr. Kaye and Lindsey are kind, knowledgeable and very thorough. Thank you, Optimal Wellness!
Meghan Laffey
Great service and staff. Dr Kaye is an expert in hormone replacement and weight loss.
Jonathan Nichols
After visiting Dr Kaye at Optimal Wellness in Lynnfield for assistance with weight loss I was able to reach my goal weight in a couple of months with the use of Tirzepatide. Dr. Kaye is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and gives all the guidance needed. I’d highly recommend his practice if you’re trying to reach a goal in terms of weight loss achieving it in a healthy and safe manner.
Kerri Floramo

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