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Detoxification in Lynnfield, MA

Sources of Toxicity

The Environmental Working Group,, estimates that the average American (even an infant) is contaminated by hundreds of toxic chemicals in their body.

Toxic chemicals can be inhaled as air pollutants, consumed in food and drinking water, or encountered via household and industrial chemicals, plastics, or cosmetics.

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These substances cause harm by acting as hormonal disruptors, cancer-causing mutagens, or by directly killing cells. Some conventional toxicologists claim that the quantities of these chemicals are too low to cause harm based on testing in mice and by testing only one chemical at a time; however, no testing has been done on the combined effects of hundreds of toxins simultaneously attacking our cells.

Most of us are familiar with substances such as Bis-Phenol A(BPA), DDT, lead or mercury; these are known toxins. Unfortunately, there are an estimated 50,000 chemicals released into our environment by industry to which we are all being exposed. These chemicals are not stringently regulated for safety by any government agency as they are not designated as food additives; however we encounter them in our daily lives and they are even found in the umbilical cord blood of newborns.

Whether these chemicals individually or in combination cause disease is open to research and debate, but we prefer to take a conservative approach and assume they are potentially harmful until they are proven safe.

Testing and Detoxification

Fortunately, we can take action on our own to detoxify ourselves and our families. At our office, we offer the advanced testing necessary to detect organic pollutants and heavy metals and we can then recommend methods of eliminating them from our homes and our bodies. The body has natural mechanisms to detoxify itself from these pollutants; however, these natural systems can be overwhelmed by the large number and quantity of pollutants we now encounter and different people have genetically determined differences in abilities to detoxify. By augmenting these systems with targeted nutrient formulas, i.e. "cleanses", we can accelerate the removal of these chemicals from our bodies.


Here are some simple steps you can take now to detoxify yourself:

  • Eat organic food, particularly fruits and vegetables
  • Eat grass-fed meats, organic if possible
  • Avoid farm-raised fish and non-organic butter
  • Avoid cooking in plastics, particularly the use of Teflon-like pot coatings or microwaving plastics
  • Do cook in glass, stainless steel, ironware
  • Filter your water with a charcoal filter such as the 'Pur' filter
  • Do not drink from plastic bottles; they contain chemicals that leach into the water
  • Take a pharmaceutical grade multivitamin to assist your liver in processing toxins

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