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IV Therapies in Lynnfield, MA

IV Therapies and Chelation Therapy

Optimal Wellness MD offers the cutting edge IV therapies that are very popular for their remarkable and fast-acting therapeutic effects as well as IV chelation to remove toxic heavy metals from your body.

Why have your IV treatments at Optimal Wellness MD?

  • You will be treated with the most advanced IV formulas available containing ingredients which are not available at other IV centers
  • Our IV center is clean, calm and comfortable with leather recliners and music; we offer free wifi so you can use your ipad or computer while you get your IV.
  • Our IVs are mixed by an FDA-certified 503B pharmacy and shipped by Fedex overnight to our office, so they are “fresh” for each patient
  • Your IV will be inserted in a clean, sterile manner at a clean and disinfected physician’s clinic-unlike other IV centers which may be located in an unsterile van or shopping center.
  • Your IV infusion will be supervised by a physician board-certified in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine (the experts in IV therapy) and monitored by our licensed medical staff who have the skills to assist you in determining which IV is best for you and to deal with any potential complications
  • We offer IV chelation to treat heavy metal toxicity, a difficult to find service
  • Our prices are the most competitive in the area, given the high quality of the IV formulas we offer and the quality of our IV infusion center
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1. Plaquex IV Therapy

Plaquex is a patented intravenous lipid therapy containing DLPC, a critical component of all cell membranes.  When infused, it is used by the body to repair damaged cell membranes throughout the body.  It has been shown to reduce arterial plaque, improve or eliminate symptoms of coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis, lower coronary artery calcium deposits, enhance liver and kidney function, and improve skin appearance.  It is literally called the "wonder molecule" as it improves the health of any cell in the body.  Typically we will do 20-50 weekly or biweekly treatments.  If done for coronary artery disease, we will order a preliminary Coronary CT Angiogram to document the extent of arterial plaque and repeat it after the treatment is complete to determine the amount of improvement and whether more treatments are required.

2. Vitamin and Rehydration IV

This IV is perfect for rehydrating your body after any cause of dehydration such as excess alcohol, hangovers, loss of fluids from nausea and vomiting or diarrhea, dehydration after exercising in the heat. Unlike trying to orally rehydrate, this IV helps you recover quickly and feel back to normal within minutes.  We include all needed electrolytes and vitamins.  This vitamin IV is added to our chelation treatments with glutathione.

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3. Chelation Therapy with IV EDTA

Chelation therapy is an FDA-approved and effective way of removing toxic heavy metals from your body. Recent randomized trials have also shown benefit in patients with coronary artery disease.  Heavy metals include Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, Aluminum, Gadolinium, and others.  Since heavy metal toxicity or arterial disease are serious medical conditions, we require that you undergo our new patient intake process including a thorough history and physical by Dr. Kaye and have appropriate testing to document heavy metal toxicity before treatment.

Patients with autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue, and neurological disorders have been reported to improve after chelation to remove heavy metals from their body.  Typically, you will need at least 6 and as many as 24 treatments, depending on the level of heavy metals in your body. Sources of Mercury contamination include dental amalgam fillings, air pollution, certain fish such as tuna and swordfish.  Lead is found in old paint, leaded gas.  Arsenic is commonly found in polluted water from wells or seafood, and Cadmium is found in certain foods.  Gadolinium is from MRI contrast.  To learn more about our chelation treatments, click here.

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