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Revolutionizing Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)


Dr. Joseph Kaye, at Optimal Wellness MD, offers the state of the art technology in Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy, commonly known as Gainswave using specialized Swiss-built equipment (Storz) for penis rejuvenation and we can combine it with PRP-FM (platelet-rich plasma fibrin-matrix) injections (the P-Shot) and Botox "Bocox™"for even greater benefit.

What Is Gainswave Therapy?

This therapy has been used for over 15 years in Europe and is now being adopted in the United States. The Acoustic Shock Wave treatment consists of highly focused sound waves that release vascular growth factors and trigger stem cells to repair the penis and repair damaged plaque-clogged blood vessels and nerves. Over 40 published studies confirm shock wave therapy works and is not a placebo effect.

How Does Gainswave Therapy Work?

The Acoustic Shock Wave treatment involves applying sound waves at a particular frequency and energy to the penis and penile blood vessels and nerves using specialized equipment. It takes about 20 minutes and is performed in a very private and comfortable setting by your physician.

Key Points:

  • Improved Erection Quality
  • Harder and More Full Erections
  • Improved Sexual Performance
  • Improved Sensitivity
  • Drug-Free
  • Non-Invasive
  • Surgery-Free
  • Improves Blood Flow

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What Results Can I Expect From Gainswave?

The results are felt immediately as extra nitrous oxide is released, enlarging the penis, and the benefits continue to increase over the course of several treatments. You are encouraged to be sexually active the same day as the treatment. We recommend you use a penis pump device afterward to maximize the treatment benefit. There is no downtime.

How Many Gainswave Treatments Will I Need?

Usually, we perform 6 Acoustic Shock Wave treatments at our Essex County, MA office over 3 weeks; for more severe ED, we recommend 12 treatments over 2-3 months. PRP injections (P-Shot) can be added to either treatment plan.

Who Can Benefit From Gainswave Therapy?

If you are currently not taking any treatment for ED and are simply interested in better erections and better sexual performance, this therapy can benefit you. Many men in their 30s use this treatment as a form of “male enhancement”, just as they work out to have a fit physique. Gainswave improves the sensitivity and firmness of the erections, leading to more satisfying sex.

Men who depend on drugs such as Viagra or Cialis may find they no longer need these drugs and can have spontaneous sex as they did in their younger years. Men who are dependent on injection therapy such as Tri-Mix will often no longer require medication or may be able to have sex using only a low dose of Viagra or similar medicines.

Even men who are unable to have an erection at all, and maybe contemplating a penile implant can be helped. In studies, up to 70% of such patients were able to have sex again with good erections after Gainswave. Adding the P-Shot treatment would improve on those success rates.

Gainswave Questions and Answers with Dr. Joseph Kaye

Are There Risks Associated with Gainswave Treatments?

There are absolutely no reported adverse effects and improvement is long-lasting. Maximum effect occurs 8-12 weeks after treatment. Studies have shown continuing benefits as far out as 2 years after treatment.

How Effective Is Gainswave Therapy?

In a recent (2017) review published in Urology, the authors evaluated data from 9 studies that involved 637 patients. They reported that low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy significantly improved both the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) and the Erection Hardness Score (EHS).

In an earlier study, the authors noted that shock wave therapy was effective in men who responded to phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors (PDE5i; e.g., Viagra) and could also convert men who did not respond to PDE5is to become responders. A subsequent trial explored the use of shock wave therapy in men who failed to respond to PDE5is. The 52 men received 3,000 shock waves once a week for 12 weeks while also continuing the use of PDE5is. At the one-month follow-up, 35 of the 52 men (67.3%) were able to achieve an erection suitable for intercourse. At three months, 33 of the 35 (94.3%) could still maintain an erection. For an amusing first-hand account of the Acoustic Shock Wave in Men's Health by Ben Greenfield, please click here. For a first-hand account of the P-Shot in Men's Health, also by Ben Greenfield, please click here. For an account of the P-Shot increasing penis size in a wounded veteran, please click here.

For an amusing first-hand account of the Acoustic Shockwave in Men's Health by Ben Greenfield, please click here.

For a first-hand account of the P-Shot in Mens Health, also by Ben Greenfield, please click here.

For an account of the P-Shot increasing penis size in a wounded veteran, please click here.

Can Gainswave Therapy Help Men With Peyronie's Disease?

Men with Peyronie's Disease (an abnormal bending of the penis due to scar tissue) have excellent results with the Acoustic Shockwave Therapy (Gainswave), particularly when combined with PRP-FM (P-Shot). Studies show about 80% of such patients achieve straightening of their penis adequate to have sex without pain or difficulty. There is really no other effective therapy for Peyronie's. Currently, some such patients are treated with collagenase injections (Xiaflex) or even surgery, which are not very effective, and these treatments have the risk of rupturing the penis. With our therapy, there is no such risk of penis rupture.

What Other Medications Are Available For Erectile Dysfunction?

If you still require some form of pharmacologic therapy after your Gainswave or P-Shot treatments at our Lynnfield, MA office, we offer the "Bocox" Procedure and unique compounded drug therapies that are more convenient and more effective than standard Cialis or Viagra. We offer sublingual lozenges containing a mixture of several medicines that boost libido as well as improve erections. Of course, our goal is to get you to a point where you no longer need these medicines!

How Do I Know Which ED Treatment Will Work Best For Me?

As a medical practice specializing in Optimal Wellness and Functional Medicine, with expertise in Hormone Replacement for both men and women, we are able to fully evaluate your medical condition to determine if you have low testosterone or other hormonal abnormalities and then correct them. Acoustic Shock wave Therapy and the P-Shot work best in men with optimal hormone levels and a healthy diet and lifestyle. We offer weight loss programs and lifestyle advice which can help ED; we are very knowledgeable in nutrition and supplementation which can also benefit ED. We can, therefore, offer all you need to achieve optimal health and optimal erectile function.


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