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The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.
Thomas Edison

When I first met Dr. Kaye I was in a very bad state, “Adrenal Fatigue” I was depressed, angry, no patience, crying all the time, overweight, no energy, I was miserable, I wanted to die! I had no estrogen, not to mention all my other hormone levels were way off, and my body was toxic due to my diet.

Dr. Kaye went over all my blood work and hormone levels with me. It was so interesting, I wanted to stay all day. He suggested some great books for me to read, (which I did), so that I understood everything that was going on with my body. He also put me on a program combined with bio identical hormones and vitamins.

I returned to Dr Kaye’s office 4 months later. I think Dr. Kaye was just as surprised as I was, with how well I did with the program he put me on, and me changing my diet/eating habits. My hormone levels were exactly where they were supposed to be. I returned to my normal weight, lost my belly, and had gained 2 pounds of muscle, and I lost 3 pounds of body fat.

Today, I am a very happy woman!

Thank you so much Dr. Kaye, you saved my life!
Janet H.
Portsmouth, NH

Turning 60, one year ago, found me super stressed, overweight, depressed, taking way too many prescription medications and angry at the world! The best birthday present to myself was finding Dr. Kaye. He is not your typical, mainstream, cookie cutter doctor who is trained to mostly treat disease with pharmaceuticals. Dr. Kaye is dedicated to tenaciously getting to the bottom of your problems, offering solid solutions and fine tuning a treatment plan that is completely tailored to your body’s unique chemistry and your lifestyle. One year later, I have lost 27 pounds, lost 124 points on my total cholesterol number, lost my anti-depressants, and lost my dismal outlook for the future. What I have gained is priceless: fantastically good health, hope for happy retirement years, and a renewed love for my life. Make the call to Dr. Kaye and get started on your path to better health and well being!
Maureen M
New Hampsire

As a 70 year old male I have numerous serious maladies including the aftermath of multiple cancers, elevated sugar levels, general fatigue, and of course, the accompanying low testosterone level. Dr. Kaye delivered the personalized care in an unrushed setting. I have my libido back and the diabetes and accompanying neuropathy are now reversed and under control. He expertly treated the fatigue caused by long-standing anemia with several IV iron infusions which my PCP and hematologist had only hinted at but never offered to me. He is a brilliant diagnostician. His office is peaceful and his staff is superb. I give Dr. Kaye five stars!
Vincent M.
Boston, MA

I first read about Dr. Kaye while researching my own ailments. I had been sick for a number of years and was unsuccessful in finding a diagnosis through countless doctor visits, lab tests and unexpected ER visits. I thought I was dying, the doctors called it anxiety. There definitely was anxiety but it was mostly from not getting any answers.

I decided to give Dr. Kaye a chance as a last resort. I was tired of doctors, tired of tests and tired of being turned away. Immediately with the first contact of Dr. Kaye’s staff, I knew this would be different. He wanted a complete history, all symptoms and labs upfront. He wanted time to research what he could before our meeting. He dedicates more than an entire hour to your visit and really listens to you. He was able to tell me so much from the first meeting and I walked away knowing what was ailing me and how to help myself for the first time in 3 years. It only took a short time to start to feel better and within months I was doing things I hadn’t been able to do in years.

Dr. Kaye is also very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He will answer e-mails and phone calls if you ever have questions. This experience for me has been a far cry from the traditional and I am so happy that I took a chance so that I can live a full life.
Tracy J.
North Reading, MA

I consulted Dr. Kaye recently and was impressed with his evidence based approach in diagnosis and treatment. The tests he recommended were comprehensive which included parameters not covered by my previous annual medicals. His consultation meeting was also thorough in that he took a holistic approach and provided specific science supported recommendations on diet.
Ajay S.
Wilmington, MA

I had been suffering for several years with terrible side effects from being on synthetic birth control pills for most of my adult life. My headaches, nausea, dry skin, extremely heavy periods, weight gain, hair loss, depression, intense mood swings, and constipation. You name it I had a negative side effect. I had gone to several traditional gynecologists and was not satisfied with the level of detail that they took when handling my health and well being. Once I found Dr. Kaye my life changed! All of the bioidentical hormones that he placed me on helped with my symptoms. He also found that I had a slight thyroid issue which no other doctor had detected before! His approach to care is very thorough and he left no stone unturned when searching for the answers to my health issues. I feel like a new person with energy and an overall healthy outlook for my future. I suggest that anyone male or female who just doesn’t feel right in their own skin give Dr. Kaye a try. He has helped me physically and emotionally. I just wish I had found him years ago.
Shelley T.
Fairhaven, MA

Thank you Dr. Kaye, I am looking forward to mature this process to healthy living. I appreciate your time and efforts as well. I am excited to get your custom vitamin formulation to meet my requirements. I will do my part to absorb all this knowledge and determine the best lifestyle for healthy living. Thank you again for your efforts.
Bob F.
Dayton, OH

Cheers and thank you again. (This is such a more comprehensive approach to health care than anything I’ve experienced previously.)
Gary C.
Swampscott, MA

Feel absolutely amazing and in the shape of my life – you are a god among men!
Kimberly W.
Boston, MA

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