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Priapus Shot® (P-Shot®): A SPECIFIC Method, protected by the US Patent & Trademark office of using blood-derived growth factors to rejuvenate the penis (also known as the P-Shot®).

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WARNING: Only members of our Priapus Shot® provider group our understanding of the method and in agreement to follow our standards which include the use of lab equipment approved by the FDA for the preparation of platelets to go back into the body and the use of very specific methods. Others may be doing a similar process or they may be doing an inferior process but only those physicians listed in our provider group are licensed to use the name. Anyone else using the name is possibly doing an inferior or even dangerous procedure. At best, they are illegally claiming to be in a group to which they do not belong.

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Priapus Shot® Procedure Explained

Priapus Shot® Procedure

The Priapus Shot® procedure indicates a specific protocol for treating the penis with blood-derived growth factors: specifically platelet-rich plasma or PRP. The name Priapus Shot® is registered with the US Patent & Trademark Office as a “service mark” to protect patients by indicating a specific protocol. The name is not a synonym for the injection of blood into the penis—such a definition would not be specific enough to warrant protection as intellectual property and so would not indicate any particular quality of care.

The trademark gives a method of teaching a specific protocol that providers agree to follow and develop; this agreement offers a measure of quality control and is being followed and developed by around 500 urologists and interventional radiologists, family practitioners, and internists in multiple countries and by faculty in several medical schools where further studies are being done.

The Priapus Shot® procedure defines a protocol that involves patient selection, patient evaluation & education (including an explanation of consent), preparation of the PRP, local anesthesia, PRP injection, post-injection use of a penis pump on a daily basis, and (in some men) a daily dose of Tadalafil. Other post injection steps can include: stopping smoking, CoQ10 (12), vitamin E (13), Trimix, and aerobic exercise. Protocol steps vary depending on the problems presented by the patient.

It is the policy of most of our providers of the procedure to offer any patient that is not happy with the Priapus Shot® procedure a complete refund or a repeat procedure.

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