TA-65 and Age-Reversal…Is it for real?

ta 65 and age reversalis it for real 5d2f8f622192aHere at my office in Woburn, MA, I have just added an exciting new service: TA-65, the world's first and only commercially available telomerase activator.

TA-65 is an extract of the Astragalus plant that was developed by the Geron Corporation. It takes about 2000 pounds of astragalus to make one dose of TA-65!  However, since it is a natural product, thus not patentable by a drug company, the product was licensed to TA Sciences for manufacture and distribution. It has been proven in  scientific studies to safely lengthen the telomeres of aging cells.

What are telomeres? They are the "shoelace tips" on each of your chromosomes. What are chromosomes? They are the structures in each of your cells that contain all your DNA, your instructions for life which control all of your cells activities. Each time your cell divides, you lose some telomere length.  The telomere acts like a biological stopwatch, ticking away as a chunk of telomere DNA is removed with each cell division, until it stops and your cell dies of old age. When you are conceived, your telomere length is 15,000 base pairs. By the time you are born, you have used up 5,000 base pairs and the telomere is only 10,000 base pairs in length. When the cell dies, the telomere measures about 5,000 base pairs.

The telomere is truly the holy grail of anti-aging research. It has been proven that, by lengthening the telomere, old cells (and presumably old people) can be made biologically "younger" again and their cells will keep on dividing normally.

TA Sciences has just published a study on the first cohort of patients who have been taking this drug. They have experienced a number of health benefits including improved vision, improved immune function, better skin, an improved sense of vitality, reversal of osteoporosis, less fatigue, better libido. The link to the website for TA Sciences is here: www.tasciences.com  On this site you can review the study, watch some TV shows reviewing TA-65, and learn more about it.

Initially some people worried about whether TA-65 might increase the cancer rate. This is because in cancer cells the telomerase enzyme is permanently turned on. However, this has not turned out to be the case. It makes sense, since TA-65 only activates the telomerase enzyme briefly, not permanently as in a cancer cell. There has been no increased incidence of cancer or recurrence of cancer in people taking TA-65.

The use of TA-65 may be particularly relevant to those patients taking bioidentical hormones (estrogen progesterone, testosterone, human growth hormone).  TA Sciences has documented that the use of human growth hormone and other BHRT, accelerates the rate at which telomeres are shortened.  So, while taking BHRT may make you feel better and restore lost health and vitality in the short term, it may be prematurely aging you in the long term.  The good news is that taking TA-65 can restore the short telomeres to a healthy length in these patients.  So, you can hopefully experience the health benefits of BHRT and still live a healthy long life due to TA-65.

TA-65 is not for everyone. It is expensive, running $200-$1000 per month depending on the dose requirement. Insurance is not going to pay for TA-65 since it is a natural product and is not designed to cure any "disease".  Aging is not considered a disease by the FDA.  Advanced testing (Telomere length) is required to monitor your progress. A complete anti-aging medicine evaluation is recommended including doctor visits, testing, and nutritional supplementation to ensure you get the most out of the product. However, for those committed "anti-agers", this is the first legitimate anti-aging product that directly repairs the aging chromosome and, based on the results of the initial study, I recommend it.  It is a perfect complement to the current products that my anti-aging patients are using.  Will it make you immortal? Who knows. It will take a hundred years to find out. But I think it is a first step to achieving that goal. It may keep you around long enough to take the next breakthrough drug or it may turn out to be sufficient on its own.

If you are interested in purchasing TA-65, here is a link to the company to purchase it directly.  Beware of buying from anyone else as it HAS been counterfeited and you may be buying a worthless capsule from other sites.

Here's to living to 120!

Dr. Joseph Kaye


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